Asset Credit

Credits for the awesome assets I got to build this website! Some assets are/will be mine, but I'll link back to other pages who were so generous as to provide assets. :) Do also note: I try my best to credit anyone who made things, and I also try to abide by the rules of all of the pages referenced. If you find that there's an issue with the assets I'm using, or see that the assets are yours and you do not want them here, please email me at (with proof of issue) and I will do my best to fix the problem! Some of these are also the source of several images! Left Shark gif by this person Cheetos :) Takis :) Free Clipart Site Free blinkies site Boodle Box Redmond AP A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge RoxyOblivion Stamp-Prince Gifcities Yooper Page Monster Devil (nsfw warning) Gothic_Cookie_Monster FlamingArrow Pokemon2726 Glitter-Graphics dianalc gaiaonline cooltext Wikipedia Various Fandom Wikis Personality Database jessicaChobits community news flamingtext Norma2D kouenli G-CIS MINECR-AFT nano7e2 Storiel Aztecatl13 AEIOU WYNA-BOX Tevros belle deesse

My gfycat with more of my assets!