What's poppin! The name's Bear, I'm 21 years old in both mind and body, and I'm this system's host! I'm a bi trans man, so I really ain't into homophobes, transphobes, racists and nazis and shit like that, specially since I'm Mexican too. I'm a big chunky dork man, and love shit like horror, rock and metal. I like makin friends and feel like I'm a fairly social person, so feel free to hmu anywhere you can! I don't bite none!

I suppose this'll kinda be a blog for me, so I'll put some necessary info in here in the case someone is actually interested in getting to know me.

In the astral, I'm a normal guy who went through a ritual to become a god for some personal reasons. This really ain't recommended for everyone, and it's surprisingly stressful. If you'd like to work with me, I kind of do magic and spells the way a frat boy might. I try to think of ways to deter intruders or to fight in unexpected ways. I also work best with summoning and my energy is currently most useful with water type spells, but I'm really bad at healing. If this is your jam and you wanna work with me sometime, I might just see to ya.